A VISIT FROM JON STOODLEY- Perfect Pac-Man player.

Jon & Lee

Some of you might think playing Pac-Man is just trying to complete each screen. But when you look at things differently you understand how you can get a really high score.

We recently had a visit from a guy by the name of Jon Stoodley. Most will probably wonder who he is. Jon is one of 7 people in the world, 4 beingAmerican, 2 Canadian & John been the only UK person to achieve a PERFECT PAC-MAN SCORE. To achieve this you get one chance to get every dot, power pill, fruit & blue ghost. Munching your way through 256 screens. This takes around 6 hours to complete & every move is crucial.

Jon Stoodley
Jon Stoodley on his visit to the arcade

Anyway Jon messaged us about coming down to check out the arcade. Few weeks later he turns up 15th March with something for us. It was a small little Jamma cab that he was donating to arcade hub. We plugged it in, fired it up and off he went. Firstly warming up with a 97,600 score, explaining how to group the ghosts together and maximise the points on each board.

Jon was off again and soon racked up 200,000 + score. This guy was making it look easy (he has played hours & hours ) and we left him be to get into the game.

We joined Jon again at 630,000 points, this was becoming surreal in a weird way mainly because personally I’ve not seen someone play this good at any game even more so on such a classic.

We left him be to get up to the 1 million he was trying to achieve that day. Remember he was only actually coming to see arcade hub & meet us. When we joined him again, Jon was close to the 1 million points and the energy around the arcade built. With watchers on Facebook live it was a great day to witness such a great score on a iconic game.

Jon played a few more games then headed off not without getting a selfie with myself!

Jon & Lee
Lee & Jon

Thanks again jon was great to see you and really appreciate the cab it will definitely be on the arcade floor for many years to come.